Electrical cable and conduit allow for effective and reliable ways to get power where it needs to go; however, it’s not always the most efficient method. Busway systems can take up less space, be more cost-effective, and offer more versatile power distribution throughout your infrastructures – especially for those who are industries applications dependent. Below, we provide a few benefits of how busway technology rivals cable and conduit in relation to power generation facility operators.

Ease of Installation: Installing conduit is a complex and challenging task that only the most specialized electricians can accomplish. However, installing a busway system is much less involved and utilizes fewer sophisticated technology and electrical skills to assemble. It usually takes only one bolt per connection, and installers can add up to 10 feet of busway at a time, compared to routing multiple runs of conduit and running them through the piping system.  

Reduction in Implementation Costs: Because of the complex nature of conduit structures, it is very labor-intensive, which means you will be spending more money on hours to erect its infrastructure. By comparison, you can hire less costly workers that will assemble a busway in half the time.

Adaptability that is Cost, Time, and Logistically More Efficient: 

Once the cable and conduit system are in place, it is very disruptive to daily operations to move or modify its existing infrastructure. Facilities installing new equipment can add new bus plugs to their existing busways, making it much less manually cumbersome when compared to adding or modifying conduit systems. Companies that need to move equipment can do so relatively quickly and efficiently to reconfigure their existing busways or even replace feeder busways with plug-in busways. The flexibility provides minimal interruption of service as compared to the traditional cable/conduit system.

These are just some of the benefits that can make the busway model more attractive to owners and operators of facilities that need to utilize industrial power supplies. Reducing overhead, capital, time, and disruptions are some of the busways’ benefits compared to traditional industrial systems. Read more about busways systems in more detail here.

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