AM Ventures Closes $100M Deal Toward 3D Printing

August 23, 2022

AM Ventures, based in Munich, secured a $100 million fund specifically for backing industrial and commercial 3D printing applications. 

Spanning three continents between 18 countries, the firm’s portfolio lists Headmade Materials, LightForce Orthodontics, Scrona, and Conflux Technology as a few investments. There are asset managers, family offices, enterprises, small businesses, and existing portfolio startup founders. The fund can use $9.5 million in the ultra-high resolution 3D printing company to aid in semiconductor and display manufacturing.  

Arno Held, co-founder and managing partner at AM Ventures said, “The additive manufacturing industry has shown steady and strong growth over the last decade and startups have played a crucial role during this time. We are convinced that startups will continue to be key in providing the innovation required to finally bring the digital world to the real world, and that they will help produce industrial goods in a sustainable manner and thus strengthen supply chains and tackle climate change.” 

Johann Oberhofer, co-founder and managing partner at AM Ventures said, “The fact that portfolio company founders are now investing in our fund is great validation of our exceptional effort. We are proud of the high-level commitment and trust from prime investors that support us on our mission to leading sustainable additive revolutions.” 

AM Ventures is looking to invest in four categories: hardware, software, materials, and applications. Printing parts and creating a manufacturing business is much more efficient than conventional aspects. 3D printed electric motors, for example, can run further on the same exact battery charge as a conventional electrical motor. Applications for 3D printing are also one of the biggest weapons to fight against climate change. 

Additive Drives is a German startup that developed a specific 3D printed stator for an electric motor. Since the stator is printed, it weighs much less than a conventional motor. With the same battery charge, the 3D printed motor can extend the vehicle range by a large amount. 

Spectroplast is a company that 3D prints silicone for healthcare applications, specifically for surgeries. While other corporations have failed to make industrial silicones, the Zurich Spectroplast business has somehow successfully done the unthinkable. 

3D printed products span the gamut and can be used in nearly any application. The horizon is endless!

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