Month: November 2019

More Details Emerging on Digital Circuit Breakers

Many aspects of the electrical industry are all transitioning to a more digitized world which is now including the digital circuit breakers. Traditional mechanical circuit breakers have been around since the late 19th century when Thomas Edison first came up with the idea. Many homeowners are familiar with their circuit breakers when a fuse is blown and a person has to go looking in the dark for a switch to turn back on but, on a commercial aspect of the situation, it can be very dangerous, since commercial building’s electrical panels are slow enough that it still allows short circuits or arc flashes that can, in bad situations, even kill people. In January of this year, a company called Atom Power was the first to pass a test to bring digital circuit breakers to the market. In this article, the author further explains what makes a digital circuit breaker not only safer to utilize, but also can help eliminate other products that will be no longer needed. There is great potential in this new-found technology and surely Atom will not be the only company to continue research and development on these coming into the future.

Our J&P Family Has Expanded to Three Locations!

As we wrap up the third quarter here at J&P (can’t believe it’s already the Holiday season!), we welcome winter with open arms AND the addition of a few more new employees.  Charles, Noah, and Michael are going to be helping in the shop at the Warren location and Jacob is our newest addition to the bus duct warehouse helping as job-site support, forklift, and duct reconditioning. 

Duct Shop in Port Huron, MI
Charles, Noah, and Michael

ASHRAE releases expanded, revised version of Standard 90.1

Standard 90.1 has been a dominating benchmark for energy codes in the commercial building space since 1975, but recently a large update to this benchmark has been released that brings about important changes for all relevant industries to be aware of. ASHRAE released a revised and much-expanded version in and for 2019 and includes changes regarding lighting, mechanical, budget method, and performance rating methods, to name a few. On the mechanical side, for one example, the revised version allows designers the option to use 90.4 instead of 90.1 for rooms with IT equipment load larger than 10kW.

It is highly encouraged for all professionals in relevant industries to be familiar with this expanded and revised version of a Standard that has such a wide footprint over many different industries.