A great way for businesses to save money is to look into purchasing used or refurbished electrical components to replace components that have failed.  It is important when buying used or refurbished circuit breakers, transformers, bus ducts and plugs to make purchases from a reputable, trusted source.

There are risks involved in purchasing refurbished electrical components from unknown sources.    Components with visible damage, rust, missing pieces or illegible labeling there is an added risk.  It is important that the part that is purchased and received is in good shape and labeled appropriately.    Without much needed information on amps or wattage, especially when working with electricity, there is a greater risk of danger.  Precautions should always be taken when working with electricity.

Avoid the following when looking into buying used or refurbished electrical components:

Before you make a purchase be sure you fully understand what you need. Don’t assume the seller is educated on what you need.  As a buyer the more information you have the better off you are in getting exactly what is needed.  The brand name and catalog number are always good to have on hand when searching for a necessary component.  All of this knowledge helps to protect you, the buyer, from dodgy sellers.

It is best never to buy used or refurbished electrical components off of an ad where specific details about the product are not given.  As a buyer it is your right to know all of the details about a specific product including exactly what condition it is in upon purchase. If the information that you need is not clearly listed ask for the information in writing.

Another thing to look into when purchasing refurbished components online is to look to see if the online store also has a brick and mortar shop.  Many times companies operate both online and at a store front.  If this is the case be sure to research both aspects of their business to get a clear picture of who you are dealing with.  Companies that operate both online and in person often have a deadline on when you can return products as well as a fee for restocking the item.

Here is a list of questions to assist you when talking with sellers of used or refurbished electrical components.

  • It is important to first distinguish if the product you are purchasing is new, used or refurbished. This should be the first question you ask.  The price of the component should also reflect the difference.
  • If the component has been refurbished ask about the process the company uses to refurbish their components prior to sale.
  • Ask if there is a warranty or guarantee on the product.
  • If it is a used product is sure to clarify if the equipment is in working condition or if it is only good for parts.
  • Check to see if used or refurbished components have been tested.

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