Month: December 2015

Myths About The Refurbished Electrical Component Industry

There are plenty of myths surrounding the industry of refurbished electrical components.  Different people have varying opinions on when to use them and how to ensure that they are safe and reliable.  The truth is that reconditioned electrical components are every bit as good as new products.  In fact some may even say better because of the rigorous testing and stringent standards the electrical parts are put through before they can be sold.

Many companies that sell quality refurbished electrical parts completely disassemble the piece and clean and inspect each part thoroughly.  From there the parts are painted with the highest quality of paint, usually acrylic enamel, which is specifically chosen because of its durability.  After this is complete the electrical piece is reassembled and tested.  This is true of reconditioned breakers as well.  In order to know when and how to use electrical reconditioned breakers we shall look into the truths of refurbished breakers.

The goal when purchasing and using any reconditioned electrical product, including retrofitted circuit breakers it is important that you have complete confidence in their ability to perform.  Just as new electrical components do, reconditioned electrical parts decrease the number of unplanned outages experienced while keeping personnel safe.  The one main difference between refurbished and new electrical parts is the cost associated with them.  It makes sense that anytime you are replacing used, worn out components with new ones the manufacturing equipment will be safer and more reliable.

The main myth is that you are taking a risk to save your company a few bucks; in fact the old adage is without risk there is no reward, right?  This is not the truth when choosing refurbished over new in manufacturing.  In fact choosing high-quality reconditioned breakers and more can not only save you money but prove to outlast their new counterparts.

Choose to work with a company that has a reputation of providing high quality new and quality reconditioned components.  Not all electrical company’s and suppliers are of the same quality.  Look for a company that is interested in a number of variations of the industry from asset recovery, product reconditioning and the sale of new electrical components.

To ensure that you are purchasing a quality reconditioned power breakers ask about the company’s refurbishing policies.  A power breaker should only be sold as a quality refurbished product if the supplier has cleaned, analyzed, reassembled, tested and only sold after passing a final inspection and rigid testing.

The pricing for refurbished parts can vary between companies.  Some reconditioned electrical part suppliers will loan you a good reconditioned part, such as a power breaker, while they actually take yours in and recondition it.  This leaves you with a working breaker so that there is no down time on your equipment and you will have a new, reconditioned part within a few days or weeks depending on the company’s ability to turn products around.

The product is not only cleaned and reassembled; the latest technology is installed within the component adding to the integrity of the reconditioned product.  You will be saving your company time, money and improving the quality of the machines in which employees are working with.

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Expelling the Myths Surrounding Refurbished Electrical Components

There are a variety of myths surrounding the refurbished, reconditioning electrical component business.  With every myth comes an explanation that helps put it to rest or one that brings it to light.  This article will lie to rest some of the most prevalent myths within the electrical component industry.

Myth VS Reality within the Reconditioned Electrical Component Industry

  • Reconditioned electrical equipment is often counterfeit: Surplus and counterfeit electrical parts are part of the gray market within the electrical equipment industry and should not be lumped together with legitimate suppliers of quality refurbished, reconditioned electrical components.  This is something that many original equipment manufacturers and licensed distributors like to lead industry users to believe in order to ensure they are the only sought after suppliers of electrical components.

The truth is that most reconditioned electrical components are used to continue running equipment that is older and often outdated, most not supported by the original manufacturer anymore.  To avoid buying counterfeit parts understand that most counterfeits parts are sold to replace components on new electrical equipment.  Surplus equipment refers to new unused electrical equipment and this is where counterfeiting is found most often.  To avoid counterfeit products customers should note that most reconditioned products are for older model equipment.

  • Refurbished electrical equipment is not as safe to use as new: This is a myth that can be completely busted by the procedure that is in place by both the electrical original equipment manufacturers reconditioning service centers and by the electrical industry at large. With the required multiple step process to ensure the refurbished product performs to the original specifications it is guaranteed that the reconditioned part will work as safely as a new surplus product.

 Steps in Refurbishing Electrical Equipment

  • Initial testing is conducted
  • Products are disassembled, inspected and cleaned
  • Components are replaced by worn & aging components
  • Products are reassembled
  • Performance testing and component verification is performed
  • Documentation is presented and submitted
  • Certifications are done to state that the equipment may be even safer than the original

In fact many refurbished electrical components are safer than new original manufactured equipment because it is individually tested.  OEMs are not required to test each product yet are only required to perform a batch test on the electrical components that are produced.

As we continue in this installment on myths verse the realities of refurbished electrical components we will look into the following myths and dispel them.

  • Reconditioned electrical equipment is lower quality and less reliable then a new product
  • Refurbished electrical equipment is less expensive to buy but more expensive to operate
  • Reconditioned electrical equipment increases safety and liability concerns
  • Only original equipment manufacturers can properly recondition electrical components
  • Refurbishing electrical equipment invalidates the Underwriter Laboratories Seal

We will in fact prove it is true that not all myths are created equal; in fact many myths make for really bad business decisions.

J&P Electrical is a full service electrical equipment company.  At J&P, we supply contractors, end users and supply houses with new surplus, quality reconditioned and obsolete electrical equipment. Contact us today at for all of your bus plug, circuit breaker, switchboard, fuses, disconnects and more.