Month: July 2015

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance In Consumer, Manufacturing and Business Organizations

Consumers, manufactures and business organizations all look for ways in which they can save both time and money without taking away from the derived value.  One way these groups accomplish this is by putting in place a variety of preventative maintenance programs.  There are several methods used to put these programs in place.

A prime example of a preventative maintenance method consumers use is the replacement and testing of household fire alarms twice a year when the time changes.  This example is a very basic use of where preventative maintenance is employed with the consumer group.  Manufactures use preventative maintenance to maintain large industrial equipment.  When a break down occurs it costs the company money and time for repairs.

Maintenance helps prevent these occurrences.  Electrical equipment wear items include bus plugs, fuses, disconnects, starters and a variety of additional components.  In a business organization preventative maintenance occurs in a variety of ways as well such as computer maintenance, routinely replacing ink in printers as well as such basic tasks as regular light bulb replacements.  Depending on your organization your routine list will vary but the main goal will remain the same; to safeguard against future equipment damage resulting in downtime as well as costly repairs that occur with improper care.

Lasting Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

1)      Most preventative maintenance programs run at constituent time intervals.  This lessens the costs associated with downtime.  A sudden breakdown of equipment during peak production times is incredibly costly to manufactures and organizations alike.  This turns into higher consumer costs or loss of profit; both are undesirable and can be prevented with routine maintenance procedures in place.

2)      Efficiency increases in both equipment and personnel with preventative maintenance programs running which in turn increase profitability.

3)      Workers keep detailed records and documentation on equipment, replaced components, corrosion and areas of concern.  This allows accurate estimations of when an incident will occur so that it can be resolved before a complete failure is eminent.

4)      There is an increase in productivity and profitability with a decrease in expenses occurred with downtime, system shut down and emergency service repairs.

5)      Preventative maintenance program software is created to be monitored allowing assurance that machines are being taken care of properly and at the correct time.  Errors in maintenance are caught and resolved immediately.

There is a myth that preventive maintenance is expensive to employ and monitor.  This is far from reality.  Using logical calculations we are able to prove that these maintenance techniques are not only beneficial long term but more cost effective then maintenance preformed during equipment failure.

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Scheduled Electrical Equipment Maintenance Benefits Industrial Manufacturers

In manufacturing each and every department holds significant value to the company as a whole.  Some may say two in particular hold more: human resource and machinery.  In manufacturing machines are used to meet your supply and demand.  In order to ensure maximum productivity these machines must be taken care of and maintained.

Machine maintenance helps to ensure that each unit is kept in working condition.  It creates a system where machines are regularly cared for, inspected and documented.  The documentation on the machinery is then analyzed and adjustments to the machines maintenance plans can be made to ensure maximum machine efficiency.

If a company finds that after thirty operating hours a certain fuse on the machine regularly they will adjust the maintenance plan to account for this. The plan will be adjusted to change the fuse out after twenty nine operating hours to prevent the downtime that occurs when a fuse unexpectedly fails.

Machine maintenance also includes preventative maintenance which helps to keep the machines running efficiently.  This allows manufacturing plants to keep machines functioning properly at all times rather than attending to issues when they arise.  Waiting until a unit fails to perform normal upkeep leads to a lack of productivity and increased costs.  Emergency repairs as well as employee downtime are two major causes of going over projected company budgets.

Manufacturing Plant Maintenance Schedule Benefits

  • Regular maintenance to machines increases efficiency, speed and performance of the productivity of both the machine as well as the machines operator.
  • Routine care increases the life expectancy of the equipment.
  •  Standard upkeep allows machines to perform without the hassle and expense of repairing units that comes with unexpected breakdowns.
  • Decrease costs come with regular replacement of wear items.  This allows wear items to be replaced before their failure causes damage to other parts within the machine.
  • Electrical components updated regularly allow machinery to work at the best possible rate allowing work to get done economically.
  • Regular machine maintenance programs are less expensive per day then repairing or replacing manufacturing equipment.
  • Regular upkeep helps to increase employee safety as well.  A defective machine can lead to major workplace accidents.
  • Computer software offers analysis of collected data and makes recommendations on improvements to the maintenance plan.  Service can be performed in advance of known component failures.

In order to achieve maximum results from your manufacturing maintenance plan it is crucial to appoint   an industrial maintenance professional.   Their expertise in the area of maintenance is invaluable to your organization.  Investing in personnel to maintain machines is smart business as it keeps machines running properly thus leading to cost savings.  An in house machine expert works to prevent downtime as well as emergency repair expenses.

J&P Electrical is a full service electrical equipment company.  At J&P, we supply contractors, end users and supply houses with new surplus, quality reconditioned and obsolete electrical equipment. Contact us today at for all of your bus plug, circuit breaker, switchboard, fuses, disconnects and more.