Month: June 2015

Increase Your ROI On Industrial Equipment With Maintenance

In manufacturing it is important to extend the life of your equipment.  The return on investment is examined in great detail even before pieces are purchased.  The equipment alone can’t be held responsible for this feat; the people running the machines need to be responsible to perform regular, routine maintenance as well.  To ensure a proper ROI look into developing a companywide policy on the residual care of equipment.  Below are some considerations to look at as you develop a plan of action to extend the life of your equipment.

One of the first steps to take when working to improve the longevity of industrial equipment is to ensure the employees running the machines are trained properly.  If there are multiple users for certain larger pieces of equipment maintain a usage log along with a checklist of procedures to perform before, during and after the machine is used.

Make sure that all operators of equipment are set with the knowledge they need to spot issues before they arise.  Replacing electrical wear items before failure saves manufacturers thousands of dollars.  Not only do you prevent employee down time while the machine is being serviced you also prevent emergency service fees which quickly add up to triple the cost of regularly replacing electrical components that are known to wear with extended use.

Create a checklist for machines with many moving parts.  Ensure that these pieces of equipment are on a regular schedule for lubrication.  Lubricating parts that are constantly moving increases the longevity of the machine.  Create a checklist that is specific to each piece of equipment and the types of oils and grease to be used on each.  Teach users what to look for to help diagnosis problems before the problem becomes critical.  Check for residual build-up and signs of excess oil during this process as these issues can be a sign of problems before they arise.

By simply replacing electrical components as they begin to wear companies can save themselves a tremendous amount of money.  Electrical components on large equipment each have a unique life span.  Take this into consideration and replace items such as fuses, circuits, bus plugs, transformers and switchboards.  Even if the component has not failed yet replacing it before it does works to benefit the equipment.  A components failure while in use can cause more damage to the piece as a whole.  A modern example of this is refilling the gas in your cars tank before it is completely empty.  Running a car without gas causes many other components within the car to fail.  The same is true of running manufacturing equipment with failed electrical components.

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Save Money Doing Regular Equipment Maintenance

Saving money is something all companies, big or small, desire to do. If you are constantly spending money on new equipment or fixing run down equipment you are hardly being financially savvy. One way to help avoid the expense of new manufacturing equipment or the down time that comes with fixing older equipment is by performing regular maintenance. Regular preventative maintenance works to fix smaller issues as they arise before they turn into large costly repairs. Here are some things to help you get started with an equipment maintenance regimen within your company.

Keep Daily Logs of Use: This is particularly important when working in a large industrial setting where many people are working on the same machine. A daily log of the machines use and who has been using the equipment will help to pin point when and where any inadequacies are. Many software programs have been created to help with this process.

Schedule Regular Planned Maintenance: Regular maintenance is critical when working with different electrical components within industrial machines. Many components are actual wear items that are meant to have a certain life span when it comes to their usage. Items such as bus plugs, switchboards, disconnects and fuses to name a few should all be regularly checked and changed out to avoid failure. Regularly scheduling these repairs will help to avoid the down time that comes with an unexpected electrical component failure. Wear items should be changed out regularly.

Clean and Lubricate Often: To increase the lifespan of equipment and electrical components within your machinery it is important that it is properly cared for. This is as simple as taking the time to properly clean the equipment daily and applying lubrication on a regular basis to areas in need.

Perform Regular Inspections: This is an incredibly important step when it comes to maintaining equipment. Regular inspections of belts, pulleys, gears and sprockets can prevent major issues down the road. Catching a belt before it breaks is a huge feat when working with industrial equipment. Once an item such as a belt breaks the risk for greater harm to the equipment occurs. If a machine is allowed to continue to run with broken components it will cause irreversible damage.

Protect Equipment While Not In Use: When equipment is not being used for long periods of time or is put into storage, as is the case with seasonal industries, it is crucial that it is stored properly. All pieces not in use should be kept under a tight cover to prevent dust and dirt from settling into the gears. Pieces should be stored in a climate controlled environment so as to prevent humidity and moisture from settling. Before you store equipment it is ideal that the machine be properly lubricated and cleaned as well. Taking these extra precautions during the storage procedure will make use after storage more efficient.

J&P Electrical is a full service electrical equipment company. At J&P, we supply contractors, end users and supply houses with new surplus, quality reconditioned and obsolete electrical equipment. Contact us today at for all of your bus plug, circuit breaker, switchboard, fuses, disconnects and more.